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There are several important things I have learned while working with wood.  First and most important is safety followed by a good ventilation system.  Next be sure to have enough space to maneuver safely while turning.

My shop consists of two lathes, an area for assembling the rings, a design area to display the plans for the current projects being constructed, and an area for sanding and cutting the hundreds of pieces that make up each project.

Getting started in this craft was easy with Segmented Project Planner - You're best choice for designing segmented projects. The Segmented Project Planner site has great books and DVDs which helped me get started. Also, having a local reliable wood supplier, such as Wehrung's Specialty Woods assisted in getting the necessary exotic specialty woods needed to make each project a work of art.

Tools used in my shop:
  • 12" Craftsman band saw
  • 10" Craftsman table saw (with miter sled )
  • 10" Craftsman bench drill press
  • 36" belt & disc sander
  • Homemade drum sander
  • 12"Makita compound miter saw
  • 1-10" Sprunger Lathe
  • 1-12" Delta Rockwell Lathe
  • 6" Craftsman grinder
  • Craftsman dust collection system
  • Varity of turning tools
  • Bowl stabilizer
  • Many clamps
  • Large rubber bands to hold each ring being assembled during the drying process

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